2020 Karma Revero GT Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

What’s new in the 2020 Karma Revero GT?

With only one model on the lineup, Karma has already been able to work on enhancing the vehicle and redesigning it for the next generation. Enter the 2020 Karma Revero GT! Unlike the SC1 Vision, the concept vehicle we’ve been covering lately, we know for sure that the Revero GT will be produced and rolled out to dealerships. It’s packed with great updates and enhancements that fix the things some customers had issues with in the original model and provides even more value overall. Check out some of what’s new after the quote below.

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“Our next-generation 2020 Revero GT is pure Karma; a significant milestone – perhaps the most important – in our young company’s history. This car represents all that Karma is and moves us forward from our humble beginnings into a new era, with innovative technology, improved performance, and customizable exterior and interior options. I think the new Revero firmly establishes Karma as an authentic and credible player in the luxury electric vehicle segment… the only automaker, by the way, actually designing, marketing, and handcrafting vehicles in Southern California. Other companies are making a lot of noise about ‘what’s coming,’ but Karma can point to ‘what’s already here.’ Revero GT will prove Karma Automotive has arrived and has a very strong future; it will help create long-term value for our brands, our owners, our dealers, and our partners.”

– Dr. Lance Zhou, Chief Executive Officer, Karma Automotive


We won’t spend much time here, as the easier question would be what isn’t new? The exterior was extensively redesigned, keeping the bones of what made the Revero but enhancing the overall style to better fit with the Karma perspective.


On the interior, the infotainment system has been improved in multiple ways including offering new tech itself. Plus, the steering wheel has been redeveloped as well, featuring 3-D, touch-sensitive controls and paddles that allow you to adjust the balance of braking energy. The seats are new as well, not only in design but in the fact that they’re heated, ventilated and six-way adjustable.

2020 Karma Revero GT Exterior Driver Side Front Angle

2020 Karma Revero GT Exterior Passenger Side Rear Angle

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of everything the redesigned 2020 Karma Revero GT will have to offer, so be sure to keep checking back often for further information. Or, give us a call to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll make sure you stay up to date.