Karma SC1 Vision Concept North Miami Beach FL

Karma SC1 Vision Concept Vehicle Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

Karma Automotive recently released an absolutely stunning new concept vehicle called the Karma SC1 Vision Concept. It’s unclear now if they have any intention of turning the concept vehicle into a production model that would be available in places like here in North Miami Beach FL, but we have our fingers crossed. The vehicle was designed with inspiration from Southern California, both in terms of taking inspiration from the scenery there and in terms of the perfect vehicle to drive there.

Vision Concept is an easy name of which to discern the meaning. It’s a concept vehicle highlighting the brand’s future vision. But for what does SC1 stand? That inspiration we mentioned, a large part of it came from the PCH, or Pacific Coast Highway, which is California State Route 1. SC1 stands for Southern California 1, a nod to this legendary stretch of road on which the Vision was designed to be driven.

What is the SC1 Vision Concept?

It is unlikely that the SC1 Vision Concept will just be turned into a production model outright, as it’s mostly just a vision of different design cues and technologies that the brand can employ in the future. Perhaps a production model will be derived from the concept, or perhaps we’ll be wrong. Either way, we thought we’d highlight some of the things that makes the SC1 so special. Firstly, the concept car’s incredible length was inspired by an H-1 aircraft. The front end features wide aerodynamic inlets beneath the LED headlights, enabling the air to be directed up and over the hood for improved performance.

The vehicle also features specially-designed wing-inspired doors that lift up and forward gently before rotating around the front wheels. The space that these doors create between front axle and passenger cell inspired designers to create a secret built-in storage compartment behind the driver-side door, and even created tailor-fit luggage to utilize with it. This is just an incredible touch.

The information here has only begun to scratch the surface of everything the Karma SC1 Vision Concept has to offer, and we’ll be filling you in with more details on our blog. For updates on whether the concept car will become a production model, be sure to let us know you’re interested by filling out the form on this page.