2020 Karma Revero GT Exterior Driver Side Front Angle on Coast

2020 Karma Revero GT Interior Cabin Features & Technology

We wanted to keep our focus on the all-new, updated 2020 Karma Revero GT today, so we figured we’d just open the door and hop inside. In other words, we’re going to be focusing on the interior cabin of the high-performance car today, including some of the features and technology that can be found there. Engineers focused on making the cabin both more comfortable and ergonomic, but they also intended to make it even more luxurious and to offer more room for storage.

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“The 3-D haptic touch technology in the steering wheel controls is an industry-first technology, showing up in the 2020 Karma Revero GT. Push lightly on one of the two control pads, and you use one function. Push harder and you get a second function.”

– Bob Kruse, Chief Technology Officer, Karma Automotive

Driver Information System

The display audio screen was enhanced to offer a more intuitive interface, making sure that the system was more responsive, intelligent and energy-efficient than its previous iteration. The screen is not only bigger, but its capacitive touchscreen controls run along the bottom edge for easier use.

Active Noise Cancellation

The cabin has been equipped with two microphones in order to minimize the amount of sound inside.

Safety Features

The new vehicle features blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert and a 360-degree Surround View Parking Assist system.

Audio System

Completely new, the hi-fi audio system features a 7.1-channel, 635-watt amp, eight speakers and a subwoofer.


The seats now feature leather from Bridge of Weir® in Scotland and are heated, ventilated and adjustable in six different ways. Plus, engineers made sure to design them in a way that reduces pressure in both the bottom and back of the seat.

2020 Karma Revero GT Exterior Driver Side Front Angle Black Background

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We’ll continue to give you all the best details on the next-generation 2020 Karma Revero GT as they become available, so be sure to keep checking back here on the Prestige Imports blog.