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Image of a car under the evening sky. Top 5 Safety Tips During Night Driving

5 Top Safety Tips During Night Drives

Safety Tips During Night Drives 

Compared to driving during the day, driving at night is more dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal accidents are three times more common at night than during the day. The major reason for this is that humans cannot see in the dark, which is unsurprising. Ironically, some types of light, such as glare from very bright lighting, might exacerbate the condition. Other elements, though, contribute to the difficulty of driving at night. At Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, we have figured out the most common issues people have while driving at night, and we have come up with five top safety tips during night drives. Click here to check out our used cars inventory

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Image of a car under the evening sky. Top 5 Safety Tips During Night Driving

Know How Automated Emergency Braking Works?

How Does Automated Emergency Braking Work?

You can undoubtedly recall a situation where applying the brakes earlier would have made a significant difference. An ordinary drive can be turned into a headache—or worse—in a fraction of a second or a few feet. Collisions occur due to unforeseen situations or transient slips in focus. To address this, automated emergency braking (AEB) is becoming more widely available across all vehicle segments. Keep reading this blogpost by Prestige Imports, FL, to learn more about how Automated Emergency Braking works.

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Carefree woman posing from a car

Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers

What are the Top 5 Safety Tips for Teen Driver?  

Teens and driving is a topic that concerns many parents, but did you know that teen drivers are safer than most other drivers on the road? One of the most critical aspects of driving is good decision-making. Teenage drivers need to be aware of the safety precautions they need to take when behind the wheel. At Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, we have something interesting in store for you. This blog will cover some of the most important safety tips to keep young drivers safe while on the road.  

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A dog with his head out of the car window

Have a Long Journey with Pets? Here are Some Safety Tips to Follow!

How to Ensure Safety of Pets While on Long Drives? 

Pets are an incredibly important part of life. Ask any pet parent, and they shall vouch for the same. Taking care of your pets is no less important than being responsible for an infant. And the responsibility for their safety increases manifold when you have a long ride planned with them. Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, has a few tips that can ensure the safety of your pets while on long drives. Read through the blog and add to your list if you come up with more interesting ideas.  

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2022 Jeep Gladiator off roading

What’s the Fuel Economy Rating of the 2022 Jeep Gladiator?

2022 Jeep Gladiator Fuel Economy Ratings  

The 2022 Jeep Gladiator excels in every category, including styling, power, performance, and features. The 2022 Jeep Gladiator is the only open-roof mid-size pickup truck on the market. It is in high demand and receiving positive reviews from people of all ages around the country. The truck is unique in that it is only available in a quad cab configuration with a five-foot bed on the backside. But what is the 2022 Jeep Gladiator’s fuel economy rating? Learn all about the 2022 Jeep Gladiator fuel economy ratings in this blog post from Prestige Imports. Then take a look at what we have available here in Miami Beach, FL!  

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A candlelight dinner set up against a beautiful night skyline

Some Fun and Affordable Ideas to Celebrate this Valentine’s Day

What Are Some Affordable Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day? 

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and let’s face it—the pressure of gifting your loved ones something that they will remember forever is insurmountable. But this day does not have to be about expensive gifts and date nights at a fancy restaurant. You could create some of the best memories by doing meaningful things together without having to burn a hole in your pockets. And to give you a head start, Prestige Imports has a blog that could help you with some affordable ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Read to know more and celebrate this day of love in North Miami Beach, FL, in the best way.  

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Vehicle Tire closeup image

How Can I Change a Flat Tire Easily with Minimum Tools?

7 Simple Steps to Change a Flat Tire Anywhere and Anytime

Stuck with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere? Sometimes, such places will have little to no access to service centers. Well, there is no need to panic. We at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, understand how difficult this situation can be. Our team has done their research and has listed out seven easy steps to change a flat tire easily with minimum tools.

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A stock photo of the rear wing used by a Lamborghini.

Want a wing? How about a spoiler? Alert, they’re different!

What’s the difference between a wing and a spoiler? 

Regardless of whether you’re behind the wheel of a 1,000-horsepower supercar or a 100-horsepower subcompact hatchback, a lot of work went into the study of how aerodynamics will affect that vehicle. More and more automakers are employing spoilers on their SUVs, coupes and sedans. Meanwhile, aggressive wings have adorned high-performance cars for a long time. Are these features the same? Is one better than the other? What’s the difference between a wing and a spoiler? These are all great questions and we’ll do our best to clear up any confusion without getting too terribly deep in the weeds. Let’s take a look at a few things you want to know. Read the rest of this entry >>

A left profile photo of a supercar.

Supercars are awesome, how do they stay so cool?

How is a supercar’s engine kept cool? 

If the latest Lamborghini supercar was parked next to a humbler, budget-minded hatchback, it would be forgivable for the casual observer to think that, other than both vehicles technically being cars, they don’t have anything in common. In many ways, that’s correct. Looking at how the engines of these vehicles work, there really isn’t much in the way of notable differences. Sure, a Lamborghini is going to make more power, but it still uses an internal combustion engine that has all the same needs as a power plant under the hood of the hatchback. So, how is a supercar’s engine kept cool? This is an important and interesting question we here in the Prestige Imports showroom from time to time. Let’s take a look.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A stock photo of an LED headlight setup.

Is it time to update your vehicle’s headlights?

What are the advantages of LED highlights? 

Few industries advance as quickly as the automotive industry. Performance technology and other powertrain upgrades get the most attention, but that isn’t what we’re talking about today. Being able to drive safely at night was one of the most innovative automotive developments in the last 100 years. In the last 10 years, old halogen lights have given way to more modern light-emitting diodes. Other than being just newer, what are the advantages of LED headlights? There are a lot of reasons why you should be thinking about upgrading their headlights, but we’re going to focus on the three most important ones. Some of our Prestige Imports product experts spoke put this information together, let’s see what we found.  Read the rest of this entry >>