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2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO on a highway

Should I Trade In or Sell My Used Luxury Vehicle?

Sell or Trade In My Pre-Owned Luxury Car 

Finally, you have convinced yourself it is time to upgrade after being loyal to your luxury car for years. You need to decide what to do with your vehicle, which is in excellent working condition. Buyers usually go for a new car based on their current one’s resale value. That’s the general purchase behavior pattern. You have two options: trade your vehicle in for another one or put up a sale sign on it.  

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Chevrolet Trax

How Can I get My Luxury Chevrolet Serviced in Miami, FL?

Service your Luxury Chevrolet at Prestige Imports in Miami, FL  

Luxury vehicles are not very common on the streets, and maintaining them requires more work than maintaining other automobiles. It is no brainer that when you invest in a luxury car, you fully want to enjoy it. And you can do that by getting it serviced regularly by highly skilled professionals. At Prestige Imports in Miami, FL, our service department has a team of experts to care for your luxury Chevrolet. If you want auto services for luxury Chevrolet in Miami, FL, visit us today.   

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Bentley S Range

What are the Various Franchises of Prestige Imports in Miami, FL?

Where Can I Buy Luxury Supercars in North Miami Beach, FL?  

Buying a supercar is a dream for many of us, and you are no exception. From the way it looks in your garage to the thrilling driving experience it provides you, a supercar is a prized possession for anyone. If you live near North Miami Beach, FL, and are looking for a supercar dealership, Prestige Imports is the place for you. Just check out this blog post to learn about the top luxury brands you will find in our showroom.

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2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO

Get Pre-Owned Premium Vehicles Under 30K in North Miami Bech, FL!

Where Do I Find Premium Used Vehicles Under $30,000 in North Miami Beach?  

The automobile market is saturated with amazing vehicles, but there is something unique about premium cars. Whether it is the exterior design, comfort, or performance, these vehicles are always in high demand. However, with luxury comes high costs, and not all of us are able to spend an exorbitant amount of money to buy such vehicles. That is when you can go for the next best option- buying a pre-owned vehicle. If you live near North Miami Beach, FL, and are looking for premium cars for under $30,000, this article by Prestige Motors is just for you!  

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Hands of a vehicle on a vehicle

Where Can I Get my Exotic Vehicle Serviced in Florida?

Auto Services for Luxury Cars in North Miami Beach, FL 

Owners of luxury cars know that maintaining an exotic vehicle is a little more work than maintaining other automobiles. It goes without saying that when you invest in a luxury car, you want to enjoy it to its most extended life. And you can do that by getting it serviced regularly by highly skilled professionals.

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Lamborghini Urus

Prestige Imports Inside the Lab Video Series on World’s Rarest Supercars

We’ve shared quite a few video playlists from YouTube here on our blog through the years, like our recent trips to the ICON and Iguana Yachts channels. But today, we thought it was finally time we share a video playlist of our own. Below you can watch the nine videos that make up our Inside the Lab series, a look at some of the world’s rarest supercars from brands like Lamborghini, Lotus, Pagani and more. Check it out, be sure to like and comment to let us know what you think!

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2018 Lamborghini Urus SSUV driving on the road

Prestige Imports Halloween Supercar Run 2019 Recap

Now that it’s November, the Halloween Supercar Run is officially behind us. 2019 was the biggest and best year yet for the event, which kicks off right here at Prestige Imports and ends up at the Miami Homestead Speedway. Check out the video below for a quick recap and overview of the event, which was more packed than ever and filled with some incredible Halloween costumes, both for the people attending and their cars. Thanks to everyone who was involved, we hope you had as good a time as we did! Read the rest of this entry >>

Prestige Imports 2017 Halloween Super Car Run Miami FL

Do you own an exotic super car? Do you live in the Miami FL area? Do you love dressing up to celebrate Halloween? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then it’s time to register for the biggest and best Halloween party of 2017: Prestige Imports’ Halloween Super Car Run. You can find all of the information on the event below, but make sure to register if you’re interested as space is limited! Read the rest of this entry >>

Yellow 2017 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon 4×4 Squared For Sale Miami FL

For decades, the G-Class has stood as the pinnacle of luxury utility on the automotive market. It’s hard to argue with this statement considering how many celebrities drive the classic Mercedes-Benz SUV. If you’ve been considering jumping on the G (band)Wagon, then we think you might like a certain 2017 Mercedes-Benz G 550 4×4 Squared that we have for sale here in Miami FL. As if the G Wagon isn’t unique and loud enough on its own, this beautiful beast adopts an Electric Beam yellow exterior color, and it will certainly turn heads as you cruise down the street. Read the rest of this entry >>

Prestige Imports Inventory After Hurricane Irma

The past several days have been intense here in Miami, to say the least. Hurricane Irma threw its best at us, but Prestige Imports is still standing. If you’re one of our loyal customers, you might be wondering how our inventory is doing after the damage and destruction Irma has caused. We want to assure everyone that our inventory is perfectly fine and undamaged thanks to some quick thinking from our owner, Brett David, and the rest of the staff. Read the rest of this entry >>