Safe Driving in Storms

How to Stay Safe When Driving Through a Storm

When we think about summer weather in the south, we think about two things: sunshine and storms. And while we could talk about the sunshine today — and we certainly will in the future — it’s the storms on the horizon that concern us here. How do you stay safe when driving in storms? We’ll look at three types of severe weather, and see how to keep them from affecting your driving safety.

How to Stay Safe when Driving Through a Storm

Driving Through a Thunderstorm?

Everywhere in America gets thunderstorms of varying strength, and we certainly get hit hard in South Florida. If you find yourself in a thunderstorm, first off, be sure that you’ve got your headlights on, and that you’re driving at a reasonable speed. Also, keep a safe following distance from the car ahead of you.

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Fixing Hail Damage North Miami Beach FLIt may happen that the storm takes a negative turn; if this happens, pull your car off of the road and away from trees or power lines. And, in most all cases, stay inside your car with the flashers on.

Driving Through a Hailstorm?

Hail can quickly put a damper on an afternoon, particularly if you’re driving a vehicle from Prestige Imports. Your windshield is reinforced to withstand a fair amount of pelting, while your other surfaces aren’t so lucky. Once the hail begins, seek shelter in a garage or under a sturdy structure, and if this isn’t possible, take shelter inside your vehicle, facing away from the areas getting hit the hardest.

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Driving Through High Winds?

Windy conditions make for extreme difficulty, and can quickly turn to tornadoes if you aren’t looking. If the wind begins throwing your car around the road, get your vehicle off the road. Then, if a tornado does form, get out of your vehicle. Take shelter in a building, or lie down in a ditch away from flying debris.

One last thing: keep an emergency kit. You won’t regret it. And put a weather app on your phone. Stay safe this summer, and come see us soon at Prestige Imports!