How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

5 Tips for Traveling with a Dog in the Car

With so many shoppers at Prestige Imports having families of their own, the large majority of buyers at our dealership are also dog-owners. This can present a particular problem when we are taking longer trips, but it’s one that we’ve managed to solve quite well. So, what are the best tips for traveling with a dog in the vehicle? Here are five tips that we’ve found the most helpful.

5 Tips for Traveling with a Dog in the Car

Make a Travel Kit for your Dog

Whenever you’re taking your dog on a longer trip, you’ll certainly have some items that are essential for your four-legged friend. Get a canvas bag, and place the following items in it: a leash, a tupperware with food, bowls, plastic bags, any medications that your dog is taking, and a toy or pillow that your dog is familiar with.

Keep Dog Safe In CarGet Your Dog Used to the Car

Dogs are rarely good travelers right off the bat, so taking a few trips around town will make your pet a better traveler in the long run. Get your dog acclimated to a ride in in the car, and he or she will fare better when longer trips come along.

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Get a Sturdy Kennel

Dogs such as the one in the photo above look like they enjoy trips in the car, but letting your dog wander freely around the car can actually be quite unsafe. If you slam on the brakes, for example, your dog becomes a large, furry projectile. So, keep a kennel that is large enough for your dog to stand upright, and secure it in the back of your vehicle.

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Give Your Dog Food and Exercise Before Travel

If you have the time, give your dog a full feeding three or more hours before you plan to leave. This allows the food to settle, making your dog more comfortable. It also helps to give your dog some exercise beforehand, as this will make him or her more likely to relax during your trip.

Roll Up the Windows

Again, to reference the dog above: yes, it’s adorable to watch your dog’s ears as they flop in the wind. However, you don’t want your dog’s head outside the window at highway speeds. They may get debris in their eyes, or could potentially damage their ears from the friction of high winds.

We hope that these tips will help you next time that you’re traveling with your dog, and that you’ll come see us soon at Prestige Imports!