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Introducing: Audi Sport

Introducing: Audi Sport

When it comes to high-profile German automobiles, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, we know exactly where their performance arms can be found. For Mercedes-Benz, it’s of course its legendary Mercedes-AMG nameplate, which has given us the already-iconic GT in recent years. For the BMW, it’s “M” imprint operates in much the same way, with twin-turbo entries such as the M3 setting hearts aflutter throughout the Miami area. So, whither Audi? Enter Audi Sport.

Audi Sport | North Miami Beach, FL

Make no mistake, it isn’t as though Audi is actually new to the party in making high-performance automobiles. It’s not like they woke up last month and decided, Hey, let’s make cars that go fast.

More to the point, Audi wanted to differentiate between its more contemporary vehicles and the ones that will gladly put you back in your seat. Models such as the R8 and RS8, that truly need no introduction. These vehicles certainly deserved their own designation, and going forward in 2018, they’ll finally have it. Not only does this move put its BMW and Mercedes-Benz competitors on notice, but it tells buyers exactly what they’ll be getting when the “Sport” designation is on the title.

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Audi Sport Preview

It wouldn’t be complete, really, without showing the uninformed what they’re in for with the new Audi Sport moniker. Enjoy the video below, and come see us soon at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach for more details!