safety around Semi Trucks

4 Tips for Staying Safe Around Semi Trucks

Given the high degree of traffic in our area, and combined with the large population of South Florida, it stands to reason that we are forced to deal with semi trucks on a regular basis. This can present a long list of potential hazards, particularly when driving a car with a low profile like many that we have at Prestige Imports. So, how can you stay safe when driving around a semi? Here are four tips for you to follow.

4 Tips for Staying Safe Around Semi Trucks

Stay Out of a Truck’s Blind Spots

As we mentioned, many cars in our showroom sit rather low to the ground. This can make it incredibly difficult for semi trucks to see you. Trucks actually have two different blind spots, one halfway back the truck on the left side, and another just over the front right hood. So, if you’re passing a truck, do it in a hurry, and don’t linger in these blind spots.

Staying Safe Around Semi TrucksYield to Trucks when they Merge

On particularly congested highways, there might be times when trucks need to merge. Yet, because they’re so large, they’ll sometimes have trouble seeing their surroundings or making space. So, when you see those telltale blinkers light up, allow them to move into your lane if possible.

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Have Some Patience

On the road, trucks could probably be likened to an elephant in the room. They might not constantly cause annoyance, but you never forget that they’re there, and they affect the movement of every car on the highway. So, when a semi is is parking or reversing, this might be a good time to let them take care of their business.

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Never Cut Them Off

As we can certainly all agree, cutting off a person is a nasty thing that you’d never do, right? Of course, cutting off a truck isn’t just a bad thing to do, it’s also incredibly dangerous. Trucks can sometimes take up to three times longer than your average car to slow down and stop, which makes it a terrible idea to pull in front of one and slow down.

While trucks can be a bit of a hindrance, they don’t need to cause a great deal of headache. We hope that you stay safe out there, and that you’ll come see us soon at Prestige Imports!