Karma SC1 Vision Concept Exterior Driver Side Profile

What is the Karma SC1 Vision Concept?

A couple of weeks ago we shared a couple of videos that gave you a glimpse at two new Karma vehicles. Now, we’d like to dive a little deeper into one of them by answer the question… what exactly is the SC1 Vision Concept? Karma created a new concept vehicle that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and we cannot wait to see some of the concepts and ideas they put forth within the vehicle utilized in actual production models.

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“Karma’s SC1 Vision Concept is a signpost to our future. It’s intended to provide the world with insight into our long-term direction in terms of luxury craftsmanship, advanced technology, and an evolution in luxury design language. It also shows that Karma will eventually offer full battery-electric vehicles. It’s a thought provoker, and it challenges the view of what karma is and what it could look like in the future: the design cues, advanced technologies, and customization opportunities displayed through our SC1 Vision Concept will all find their ways into every Karma vehicle we create. It is a big statement as to where we want to push this brand in the future.”

– Dr. Lance Zhou, Chief Executive Officer, Karma Automotive.

What inspired the SC1 Vision Concept?

Overall, the SC1 Vision Concept was inspired by California living. The exterior color reflects a California sunset, while its roadster nature reflects the best way to drive up and down roads like the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). But what truly inspired every aspect of the vehicle? Jacques Flynn was the overall concept design manager, and he took inspiration from the 1935 H-1 Racer, a prototype aircraft built by Howard Hughes.

Adelaide Begalli was the lead designer for colors, materials and finishes, and much like the overall concept, she took inspiration from a drive along the PCH. She went out and collected everything she could think of from pebbles and leaves to pieces of wetsuits and cashmere. Finally, Andre Franco Luis designed the cabin, and he took inspiration from gutted and pockmarked Antelope Canyon.

Karma SC1 Vision Concept Exterior Passenger Side Rear Profile Doors Up

Karma SC1 Vision Concept Interior Cabin Seating Dashboard

We’ll be sure to dive into more details surrounding the Karma SC1 Vision Concept down the road, so if you’re interested in learning more be sure to check back often.