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When Fisker Automotive folded a few years back, there was a feeling that an opportunity had been missed, and that some terrific design ideas and ambitious goals might be lost forever. From its draft tables, however, now comes Karma Automotive, which takes the best that Fisker had to offer, refines it, and now makes good on the promise of its forebears.

With 100% of its production now taking place in Southern California, Karma Automotive desires to be the best of its kind: a super-premium hybrid that inspires and involves its operator like no other car can. While many models use numbers and charts to define their appeal, Karma relies on something much more visceral and hard to pinpoint. So check out Karma Miami at Prestige Imports, and prepare to be moved, literally and figuratively.

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Founded in 2015 and continuing the tradition that started with Fisker Automotive, Karma aims to be the best of its kind: a luxury electric hybrid.


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Highlighted by the Revero, each Karma model is hand-built in Southern California, using lightweight, responsible building materials.


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With its lightweight aluminum spaceframe and dual electric motors, Karma offers poise and performance, along with an extended driving range.

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