Karma SC1 Vision Concept Car Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

Features of the Karma SC1 Vision Concept Design

Today we want to return to the Karma SC1 Vision Concept, and we thought we’d focus again on the concept’s design, as it’s such an integral part of any concept vehicle. There are several design features of the concept that we want to discuss, that we’ll just dive right in.

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Aerodynamic Inlets

On the front fascia, taking position just beneath the very thin LED headlamps, are a pair of very wide inlets designed to increase aerodynamics. Found on either end of the fascia, these inlets take oncoming air and direct them through a pair of slits that run across the hood to the arches of the front fender. The inlets and slats are positioned in such a way that you’d be able to see small bits of pavement as you drive.

Winged Doors

Perhaps one of the coolest design cues of the vehicle is its patented wing doors. Jacques took his fighter jet inspiration to the next level, imitating the rising canopy that permits a pilot access with its wing doors. Utilizing an articulating hinge, the doors first rise up and then move forward to rotate around the front wheels. Employing this design left so much open space to fill between the front axle and the cabin, that the engineers designed to create a storage compartment that was hidden just behind the driver-side door.

Other Design Cues

The windshield of the vehicle is a panoramic window that wraps entirely around the vehicle, reduced in seamless fashion into the lid of the deck. The large rear spoiler was designed in such a way that the sculpted headrests spill out right into it. The taillight is a single LED strip spanning the width of the rear fascia, while the side mirrors are actually high-definition cameras. Finally, the cabin was designed to be short and compact, thanks in part to the hood taking up 50% of the vehicle.

We’re not yet done with the SC1 Vision, so if you’d like to learn more be sure to keep checking back often.