Tips for Improving Fuel Economy

Five Tips for Improving Your Fuel Efficiency

If you’ve found yourself on the Prestige Imports blog — which you have if you’re reading this sentence — then you consider yourself an informed member of the driving public. And if you are truly hoping to be informed, which we’re assuming you are, then you’re probably interested in ways to improve your fuel economy. We have some tips for you, friends; here are five ways to improve your car’s efficiency.

Five Tips for Improving Your Fuel Efficiency

Check Your Tire Pressure

If your tires aren’t filled to their proper prescribed levels — usually found on a label on the inside of your driver’s side door — then your car is working harder than it needs to. A simple appointment with an air hose will do the trick.

How to Get Better Gas MileageReplace Your Air Filter

Air filters are often forgotten or ignored, but a new one every 15,000 miles or so can greatly improve your car’s output. If your car isn’t able to receive a consistent flow of unobstructed air, you’ll see an obvious dip in your fuel economy.

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Clean Your Intake Valves

Over time, carbon may build up on your car’s intake valves as a result of fuel injection. This will make your car burn more fuel than is intended, as more is necessary to successfully power your vehicle. While this might require either a cleaning additive or a date with the mechanic, it will help your fuel economy immensely.

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Limit the Weight in Your Car

How much junk do you have in your car? Do you lug around an old weight set or musical instruments for no reason? Do you really need that set of tools in your trunk? Extra pounds result in your car working harder than it needs to, and this adversely affects your gas mileage.

Don’t Drive Like a Jerk

Yes, driving like a jerk might actually affect your bottom line. If you’re constantly slamming on your gas and brakes, this extra effort will make your car expend more energy than it needs to. However, if you’re driving a consistent speed with a steady brake, your car will get the most out of every drop of fuel.

If there are any of your personal fuel-saving tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and come see us soon at Prestige Imports!