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5 Smells that Indicate Car Trouble is Ahead

A few days ago, we mentioned that there are sounds that you can’t ignore when it comes to your vehicle. That’s when, in a bit of a sensory epiphany, reminded ourselves that there are also smells that indicate car trouble. So what are the smells, and what do they mean?

5 Smells That Indicate Car Trouble

Maple Syrup

Let’s stop right here — we’re not actually saying that maple syrup might be in your vehicle somewhere. However, if you detect the smell of a well-balanced breakfast, it might mean something else. Some coolants use sweet-smelling chemicals, and if you’re smelling them outside your vehicle, that means that you’ve probably got a leak in your radiator.

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For anyone who ever attended public school, they certainly know the smell we’re referring to. However, what is this smell doing in your car? What you’re smelling is mildew, which will form in your A/C unit if it doesn’t have time to properly dry out. All you need to do to get rid of it is run your A/C on high until the necessary drying occurs.

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Burnt Carpet

This is an extremely distinctive smell, which combines the smells of burning fabric and rubber. Not coincidentally, this is also what many brake pads are made of, and if you’ve been overworking your brakes, you might smell this. So, just find the culprit brake(s), give them a rest, and continue on your way.

Rotten Eggs

Yes, this can actually happen, and you’ll obviously detect it right away. The reason you’ll smell this is because burning gasoline releases sulphur, which your catalytic converter then transforms into sulphur dioxide. Thus, if you’re smelling rotten eggs, your cat converter probably needs a look.

Raw Gas

This smell should only be noticed if you’re in the process of filling your tank. Your car’s gas system is intentionally well-sealed, and you should only be smelling exhaust once you leave the gas station. If you’re smelling raw gas, you probably have a leak in your fuel injection system or in a fuel hose.

Outside of the proverbial “new car smell,” there aren’t many scents that come with good news as your vehicle is concerned. Fortunately, we can quickly take care of these problems here at Prestige Imports. Come see us soon!

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