Car Sounds that you Can't Ignore

Four Common Car Sounds that You Can’t Ignore

If there’s one certainty in regard to auto ownership, it’s that things may eventually go wrong, and when they do, your car is going to let you know it. For better or worse, our cars alert us to their problems, and they’ll often do this with sounds and smells. So, to help you find what might be wrong with your car, today we’ll look at some of the common car sounds that you can’t ignore, and we’ll double back later to tell you of some sounds that portend problems as well.

Four Common Car Sounds that you Can’t Ignore

Tires that Squeal

As you certainly are aware, squealing from tires is not a good thing. Yet, the reason it occurs is to tell you that something is wrong. It’s actually alerting you to a wearing brake pad, as the pads themselves often have built-in indicators to show when they’re wearing out. The whining you’re hearing, thankfully, is just telling you that you need to get to Prestige Imports for brake repair.

Exotic Auto Service Miami FLTires that Grind

Grinding tires, essentially, are proof that you didn’t pay enough attention to the squealing that we just mentioned. This means that the brake pads have worn past the point of no return, and that you’re now grinding on the calipers and rotors. This can be a potentially hazardous and expensive problem, and is deserving of immediate attention.

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Tires that Growl

Growling from tires, really? Yes, it’s true. If tires make a growling sound, this means that a ball bearing within the tire is failing. If allowed to fail entirely, you may have a tire seize up and stop spinning, which will abruptly stop your vehicle. This is definitely deserving of an immediate look at Prestige Imports.

Squealing from Under the Hood

The squealing that often comes from under the hood of is usually the result of a faulty drive or serpentine belt, which powers many of your vehicle’s vital functions, from running the air conditioner to the power steering. While it’s a relatively easy fix, it’s also an essential one. If you’re experiencing this, service is in order.

While there are many other sounds that a car will make when it’s acting up, these are among the most common. To learn more or to schedule service, visit us at Prestige Imports today!

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