Dealing With Holiday Stress

How Can You Avoid Stress During the Holidays?

As we mentioned last week, the onset of the holiday season can trigger an uptick in automotive theft. However, that’s not the only thing caused by the holidays; stress is generally higher this time of year as well. So, how can you avoid stress during the holidays? Prestige Imports has put together four helpful ways.

How Can You Avoid Stress During the Holidays?

Maintain Your Healthy Habits and Hobbies

As often happens when we don’t take care of our bodies, our personal wellbeing can be the casualty during a particularly stressful holiday. That’s why it’s important to remember to stick to the habits that got you here: exercising, eating healthy food, getting plenty of sleep. Even if it’s just giving yourself some alone time with a book or getting an afternoon nap, these can go a long way toward improving your stress level.

Dealing With Christmas StressDon’t Take On Too Much

A common sin that holiday revelers commit is trying to plan and organize everything by themselves. Next thing we know, we’re irritable to be around, nothing is fun anymore, and no one is happy to be around anyone else. It’s a problem. However, if you delegate responsibilities, or just simply don’t load your schedule too much during the actual holiday, you might escape with your sanity.

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Make an Actual Budget (and Stick to It)

Monetary stress is a real thing this time of year, and it affects everyone differently. For some of us, we get buyer’s remorse immediately, and we’re irritable for the duration of December. For others, it might just mean that we spend too much, and when January hits, we wonder just how everything went so, so wrong. In either case, a strict budget can help keep this from happening, and reduce your stress in the process.

Don’t Give In to Everything

Around the nation, there are number of mothers nodding their heads in agreement with this advice. If you tell everyone that you’ll attend their party, or that you’ll help with some task, or that you’d love to go shopping with them, you’ll eventually find that you’ve left no time for yourself. In the end, that’s what avoiding stress during the holidays boils down to: not stretching yourself so thin that there’s no there there.

Are there any methods that you’ve come to understand help conquer seasonal stress? If so, add them to the comments below, and come see us soon at Prestige Imports!