Christmas Tree Safety Tips

4 Tips for Keeping a Christmas Tree Healthy

We’re all getting into the Christmas spirit here at Prestige Imports, and you’ll begin to see more holiday-themed topics as the month goes along. However, for many of us who have already gotten our trees up, we might be already fretting about keeping our big green monstrosity as healthy as possible. So, here are 4 tips for keeping a Christmas tree healthy.

4 Tips for Keeping a Christmas Tree Healthy

Get a Fresh Cut

When you get a live tree, you’ve always got to have a one-inch cut made before putting it up. Ideally, this cut — called a “cookie,” due to its shape — will occur just a short while before you put it in water, which will then allow it to absorb water more easily.

Christmas Tree SafetyMore Water is Better than the Opposite

You’ll want to get a tree stand that can hold up to a gallon of water, since it will certainly absorb water quickly when it’s first in the stand. Maintain a high water level throughout the season, but know that the quick uptake will subside after a week or so.

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And Don’t Let Up on the Watering

Obviously, if you let your tree stand dry out, you know what comes next: the base of the tree will form a resin seal, and then it won’t be able to absorb water. If this happens, you’ll then need to make a new fresh cut, which is a hassle of massive proportions.

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Ensure Safety Once it Dries Out

Eventually, the season will end and the tree will begin to die. A dry tree is a fire hazard, so take steps to keep your cords and outlets away from the tree, and make sure that no electrical components are worn or frayed. And always, always unplug your tree at night.

We’re glad that the holidays are finally upon us here at Prestige Imports, and we’ll do our best to keep it merry for you. Come see us soon!