2000 Hummer H1 Exterior Driver Side Front Passenger Rear Profiles

2000 Hummer H1 For Sale North Miami Beach FL

Although, in some regards, opinions were split down the middle, I think we can all agree that the Hummer H1 is an iconic vehicle from the market’s past. Its reputation as a gas guzzler got it a negative rap, but there has never been a vehicle quite like the Hummer H1 and we’re not sure there ever will be again. This thing was basically a street-legal tank, with incredible capabilities and a beefy exterior. It’s unique and impressive in a number of ways, and we love the H1 for it. That’s why we’re always stoked when one comes in for us to sell, like the 2000 model currently for sale right here in North Miami Beach FL.

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2000 Hummer H1 Interior Cabin Dashboard

2000 Hummer H1 Interior Cabin Rear Seating

2000 Hummer H1 Interior Cabin Front Seating

Performance Specs & Premium Features

Although the Hummer H1 isn’t an exotic car in the same sense of some of the other brands and models we offer – for instance, you probably won’t see one on a track any time soon… or ever – performance is still an important aspect of every vehicle. This model year version of the H1 is powered by a 6.5L turbo-diesel V8 engine. That enables it to generate 195 horsepower alongside 430 pound-feet of torque, which is plenty of power to help it tackle the number of different jobs you might be imagining utilizing it on.

Of course, its massive wheels and sturdy exterior make it an ideal off-road vehicle as well, ready to tackle any path you take it on, paved or not. It’s outfitted with a number of great, premium features that help in that regard and more, including things like dual black swingaway mirrors, a sliding rear window, a tonneau cover, helicopter lift hooks, heat & sound insulation, utility lighting package, HD hydraulic shock absorbers and so much more. If you’re interested in bringing this Hummer beast home with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right here at Prestige Imports!