Hummer H1

Performance Review of the Hummer H1

How Powerful is the Hummer H1 Premium SUV? 

A collector’s dream machine, the Hummer H1, is the only model that possesses a 6.6L turbocharged diesel engine and is made to tackle anything that comes its way. Join us at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, to find out how powerful the Hummer H1 premium SUV is and take a quick look at its performance as well. Continue reading for more information.  

Engine Specs of the Hummer H1 

With a fuel economy of 16.8 mpg and a driving range of 347 miles, the Hummer H1 premium SUV possesses a V8 engine with a peak power of 3,600 rpm, 500 horsepower, and torque of 250 lb.-ft. The vehicle includes a fuel tank capacity of 42 gallons and travels at a top speed of 65 mph to go from 0-60 mph in 20.2-seconds.   

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Priced in the range of a quarter-million dollars, the Hummer H1 has an RWD and features inboard brake rotors, portal axles, vents, and an option to transfer to 4WD. The Hummer H1 is also coated with a Kevlar-infused polyurethane exterior that protects the bodywork from dangers that could prevent off-roading.  

Hummer H1

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If you are interested in the Hummer H1, schedule a test drive of the 2002 Hummer H1 model available at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL. The car’s previously noted odometer reading stands at 500 miles and is priced at a sale price of $239,950. With eight cylinders and automatic transmission, the vehicle is available in Tangerine Orange exterior color and Cloud Gray interiors. Shop for the car via our digital showroom and reach out to the dealership for more information regarding the Hummer H1.