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Where Can I Purchase a Used Hummer H1 Soon in North Miami Beach, FL?

Buy Used Hummer H1 in North Miami Beach, FL

The Hummer H1, sold by General Motors under AM General, is one of the very few vehicles that guarantee an all-around SUV experience in terms of power, performance, and capability. This model comes with unbelievable noise and vibration levels, impressive engine sound, trudging power, and amazing interior accommodations. 

Are you a fan of Hummer? If yes, then you can find the new Hummer H1 soon on our lot at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL. We have an impressive collection of powerful and stylish supercars and other models with us. All you need to do is explore our inventory. You will surely find the luxury vehicle you are looking for with us. If not, please do let us know via the contact link available below. Read on to learn about the Hummer H1 vehicle.

Amazing Performance and Safety Features of Hummer H1

Weighing around 7,000 pounds, the Hummer H1 has imperial acceleration. The power-packed 6.6-liter Duramax TurboDiesel engine under its hood can generate an engine power rating of 300 hp and a 520 lb.-ft. of engine torque rating. These are impressive specs for the high-end SUV segment.

The SUV comes with impressive security systems to safeguard passengers. Foolproof anti-lock brakes, vehicle intrusion detection systems, and more offer the required caution and safety for drivers on difficult terrains. 

Hummer H1 in a sandy terrain

Currently, a number of companies are restoring the classic H1 vehicles and remodeling them into models with advanced features. One of these companies is Mil-Spec, which recently began restoring original Hummer models and releasing them with their own spin. We had a Mil-Spec Hummer at one point in our massive inventory. You will soon find Hummer H1 models on our lot.

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