What does a Spoiler Do?

Spoiler Alert: What Does a Spoiler Do?

Seeing as a large percentage of our inventory is comprised of supercars, many of our vehicles have a spoiler attached to their rear-ends. Look at most of our Porsche models, or at the incomparable Bugatti Veyron. In both cases, you’ll see spoilers on the rear of the car, but to what end? Is a spoiler purely cosmetic, or does it serve a greater purpose? We at Prestige Imports have done some research, and we’re here to tell you what a spoiler actually does.

What Does a Spoiler Do?

1) It Improves Traction

When our supercars are undergoing their preproduction performance testing, much attention is paid to how they cope with windy conditions. A lot of mental energy is spent directing airflow, and looking at ways to negate the effect of a firm breeze. Part of a spoiler’s job is to use the wind’s force in a positive way: it directs the airflow downward, essentially pushing the car toward the pavement. When a car is driving at high speeds, it will tend to lift slightly, and the spoiler prevents this from happening.

Porsche for Sale North Miami Beach FL2) It Boosts Fuel Efficiency

Here’s a little factoid that will shock your Wednesday-night poker league: front dams and fascia are another form of spoiler. These work to redirect airflow around, over or under a vehicle, which in turn reduces the drag on a vehicle. This results in less strain on the vehicle, which in turn allows it to use less fuel. Everyone wins.

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3) It Improves Style and Visibility

While a spoiler isn’t specifically geared toward aesthetics, it definitely plays into the equation. We won’t deny that, well, spoilers look pretty awesome. Yet, this awesomeness has a purpose: it makes the vehicle more visible, especially in the cases where a brake light has been integrated into the design. If you’re pulling up on a 911, for example, the first thing you’ll see is the spoiler.

4) It Helps Vehicles Shed Bulk

We aren’t saying that a spoiler makes a car lighter. Not exactly, anyway. What we are saying, is that because of the work that a spoiler does to enhance downforce, manufacturers can use more lightweight materials than they might otherwise. So, indirectly, this helps to keep the curb weights down overall.

There are multiple vehicles at Prestige Imports that employ this technology in their designs, and we’d love to show them to you. Visit our dealership today, and we’ll show you what spoiler technology is all about.