Tips for a Successful Tailgate

Heading to the Game? Here are Five Helpful Tailgating Tips

In past posts, we’ve mentioned in passing how much fun football season is in South Florida, and a large portion of this entertainment is directly tied to tailgating. Obviously, we’ve got both the Dolphins and Hurricanes playing just down the road, while other Florida teams such as the USF Bulls and the always-tough Seminoles are also making noise. So what should you know before you head out tailgating? Here are few tips we’ve gleaned from our many years of experience.

Five Helpful Tailgating Tips

Get There Earlier Than You Need To

There have been several times that we’ve gone out to tailgate, gotten through traffic and had everything set up, and then we check our watch, only to find that the game starts in less than an hour. That’s why we suggest that you leave the house a minimum of four hours before kickoff, just to ensure that you’ll have ample time to enjoy the tailgate.

Read Up on the Stadium Before You Go

There are many times where modern technology can be somewhat annoying, but the process of planning a tailgate isn’t one of these times. You can learn lots of information about the stadium prior to attending, such as parking information or policies that are enforced. Don’t believe us? Here’s all you need to know about tailgating at the Hard Rock Stadium. Isn’t that helpful?

Tailgating Tips

Read Up on all Rules and Regulations

Many stadiums have rules that you might not have considered, such as a “no-glass” tailgating policy or regulations regarding the type of grill you use. Some of these rules aren’t even posted on premises, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be enforced. So read up on all the rules that you might need to adhere to, just so that you don’t have to worry about ruining your tailgate by breaking the rules.

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Make Lists

It’s easy to forget certain things that are vital to your tailgate, but making lists helps to eliminate this possibility. Make lists of the food, beverages and games you plan to bring, and don’t forget easily forgettable items such as napkins, tableware and garbage bags. Making the list before you head to the store will make it far less likely that you’ll forget something important.

Clean Up After Yourself

Many rules and regulations relating to tailgating wouldn’t even be necessary if people would simply clean up after themselves. To make it very simple, if you brought something with you, be sure to take it home with you or to throw it away before you leave. There, was that so hard?

Now that you know all you need to know about tailgating, who’s ready to take in a game? We hope these tips serve you well, and that you’ll come see us soon at Prestige Imports!