How to Care for a Convertible Top

How to Take Care of your Convertible Top

By last count, convertibles represented something like 15% of our inventory at Prestige Imports. While it’s sometimes more and sometimes less, you can be sure of one thing: a great deal of our clientele likes to put the top down, and we innately understand the urge. Yet, drivers often have trouble knowing how to take care of their convertible top, and while buyers often imagine the easy access and the wind in their hair, they sometimes ignore the upkeep that a convertible requires. So, here are a few pointers for taking care of yours.

Taking Care of a Convertible Top

Caring for a Cloth Top

The large majority of convertible tops fall into either cloth or vinyl categories, and although they’re roughly similar in function, they require different products to be cared for properly.

To clean a cloth top, be certain that the products you’re choosing are intended for cloth surfaces, and use a brush of medium stiffness to loosen dirt and debris using the cleaner that you choose, following the directions closely. Once all the dirt has been removed using the brush and cleaner, give the top a quick rinse, and allow the roof to dry before applying a protectant. Apply the protectant in a thin layer, and then allow the roof to dry again before driving the vehicle or closing the top.

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Caring for a Vinyl Top

As we mentioned, the differences between cloth and vinyl aren’t enormous, but there is one obvious variable: vinyl tops are much more prone to drying out and being damaged than their cloth counterparts, particularly if they aren’t cared for. That’s why it’s vitally important that a vinyl top is cleaned each and every time that your car is washed. Mildew is also more likely to form on a vinyl top, so allowing your top to dry completely before closing takes on a greater importance as well.

Put simply, taking just a little extra time for cleaning on your vinyl top will allow it to stay attractive functional for many years, and potentially longer than its cloth rival.

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Caring for Vinyl Windows

You can generally only find vinyl windows on rear windows on today’s convertibles, but because of our heat, these windows still require great care. All that a person really is forced to do is use a vinyl surface cleaner and a polish — this is obviously different than the protectant used on the roof — and they can easily eliminate the yellowing and scratching that often happen over time.

As easy as these tips can often be to integrate into your life, they are often overlooked. We hope that you’ll add them to your convertible routine, and that you’ll come see us soon at Prestige Imports.