2020 Lotus Evija Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

What does the 2020 Lotus Evija name mean?

By now you’re probably heard the incredibly exciting news coming from the Lotus camp. Their brand-new Type 130 has an official name, has been officially unveiled, and is officially awesome! The world’s first pure-electric British hypercar, the 2020 Lotus Evija is an incredible machine inside and out that promises to change the game for all-electric sports cars the world over. However, many fans and enthusiasts have been left with one question… what exactly does Evija mean?

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Lotus Cars Executive around Evija at Reveal

Press Admiring 2020 Lotus Evija Exterior Passenger Side Rear Profile at Reveal

While the word doesn’t seem to exist in any language’s dictionary, at least assuming Google translate is to be trusted, the folks at Lotus Cars have explained exactly what the name means. Derived from many different variations of the given-name Eve, it means “the first in existence” or “the living one.” Pretty fitting, in our opinion.

“Evija is the perfect name for our new car because it is the first all-new car to come from Lotus as part of the wider Geely family. With Geely’s support we are set to create an incredible range of new cars which are true to the Lotus name and DNA.”

– Phil Popham, Chief Executive Officer, Lotus Cars

If you’re wondering instead why the vehicle was initially called Type 130, this follows a Lotus trend that has been around for many, many years. The Type series is a series of vehicles that the brand begins hyping up before the official unveiling. The number that follows the word represents how many units of the given vehicle will be built. In other words, there will be 130 Evija models built.

How do you pronounce Evija?

Okay, so now that you know what the name means… how exactly do you pronounce it? Maybe you figured it out on the first try, but we certainly didn’t. According to Lotus, Evija is pronounced “ehv-ee-yuh.” Now you can talk about the vehicle with confidence! Be sure to keep checking back often on our blog for more information about this incredibly exclusive Lotus vehicle.