Lotus Type 130 Exterior Badging

What do we know so far about the Lotus Type 130?

We still don’t know a lot about the Type 130, the newest vehicle from the Lotus Automotive brand, but we thought we’d go over what we do know so far. We did recently get a new video, which you can see below, that gives us a closer look at the vehicle. Don’t get your hopes up too much for this though, as we only really see the vehicle’s badge. The video’s true purpose was to give us the most important piece of information yet… which is that Lotus will be unveiling the all-electric hypercar in London on July 16th this year.

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When will the Lotus Type 130 be available?

Although some industry analysts think it might be too fast for the company’s first attempt at an electric vehicle, Lotus has stated that the first customer deliveries of the brand-new Type 130 will begin sometime in 2020. If anything changes or a more specific date range becomes apparent, we’ll be sure to fill you in.

How many Lotus Type 130 models will be made?

This is the unfortunate bit of information. The Type 130 takes its name from exactly how many units will be built, 130. That does add a level of exclusivity to the vehicle that collectors love, but it also means it will be difficult and expensive to get your hands on one. If you think you might be interested in one, be sure to let us know right away so we can get you the appropriate information on how to make sure you get one.

Any other details?

The only other details that have been dug up regarding the 130 are assumptions based on the short video above. It appears as though the electric charge port will be on the rear fascia alongside a “Hand Built in Britain By Lotus” badge, both hidden behind an automatically closing door panel. It certainly gives us an idea of what the Lotus will offer, but we still have so many questions. Be sure to check back in mid-July for an update!