Lotus Evija Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

2020 Lotus Evija Release Date & Targeted Performance Specs

Wow, what a reveal. Yesterday, Lotus finally unveiled their next new vehicle, the Type 130 – or as it is officially called, the 2020 Lotus Evija. We say official, though we will admit the actual model year number is still up in the air. The vehicle looks to enter production on its 130 units in 2020, so it might officially be considered a 2021 upon its release date thereafter, the jury is still out. However, Lotus has given us the rundown on some of its targeted performance specs.

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“The Lotus Evija is a car like no other. It will re-establish our brand in the hearts and minds of sports car fans and on the global automotive stage. It will also pave the way for further visionary models. This is another amazing moment in the history of our company. The Evija is a true Lotus in every sense – it has been developed with an unwavering passion to push boundaries, to explore new ways of thinking and to apply ground-breaking technologies.”

– Phil Popham, Chief Executive Officer, Lotus Cars

Target Specifications

Right now, specifications are not confirmed. However, Lotus has released a list of targets for some of the most important specifications to consider. Check out the table below to see those numbers – the second row is particularly impressive.

Drive System 4-wheel Drive
Horsepower 1,973 HP
Battery Power 70 kw/h / 2,000 KW
Torque (with vectoring) 1,254 pound-feet.
0-62 mph <3 seconds
0-186 mph <9 seconds
Max Speed >200 mph
All-electric Range 250 miles
Charging Time 18 minutes (350 kW)
Curb Weight 3,704 lbs.
MSRP >$2.1m

Lotus Evija Exterior Front Fascia Doors Up

Lotus Evija Interior Cabin Seating Dashboard

Lotus Evija Exterior Rear Fascia

Lotus Evija Exterior Driver Side Profile

We’ll be continuing to give you more information on this new Lotus vehicle in the days and weeks to come. However, considering the incredible exclusivity of a vehicle like this, if you’re interested in owning one of your own it’d be best to let us know right away by calling the sales desk or sending us a message here on the website. Only 130 units will ever be built, so get in early to make sure you can get one of your own.