Common Tax Mistakes

Get Your Return Quickly By Avoiding these Easy-to-Make Tax Mistakes

At Prestige Imports, and particularly at this time of year, we start to see a large number of visitors who are beaming as they use their tax return to purchase a new automobile. However, some others might have made mistakes on their return, which can frequently happen if you aren’t careful when filing. So what are some of the easy-to-make tax mistakes that people are prone to make?

Four Easy-to-Make Tax Mistakes

Typographical Errors

It’s easy to make typographical errors, particularly if you’re jotting down the social security numbers or birthdays of dependants. However, these simple-seeming mistakes can cause untold delays in our returns if we aren’t careful. Be certain that you’re going over your pen-and-paper returns particularly closely.

Use Tax Return to Buy Car North Miami Beach FLMath Mistakes

The same is generally true of math mistakes as it is with typos — it’s easy to forget to carry the one or what have you. The IRS estimates that paper-and-pen returns generally are twenty times more likely to feature a mistake than their online counterparts, if this influences how you file.

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Not Signing Your Return

Could it really be so simple that you would just outright forget to sign your return? It’s more common than you think, and an unsigned return is no more worthwhile than an unsigned check. Be sure to sign your return, or you’ll be waiting for any money you have coming.

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Making Mistakes on Deductions

This is relatively common, particularly when a filer doesn’t know which deductions they are eligible for, or if they’re going through a divorce and are unsure if they can claim their children as dependents.

Obviously you’d hate to make mistakes that would keep you from getting your return on time, but we can certainly show you how to put that money to good use once it does show up. Visit us today to look at our lineup of exotics and imports!