Definition of an Exotic Car

What is it that makes an Exotic Car “Exotic”?

Once a driver has graduated in their automotive adventure to the point where he or she is eyeing the inventory at Prestige Imports, there inevitably comes a point where the abundance of rare and curiosity-stoking models becomes a bit too much. Then, the questions begin. What’s quicker, the Aventador or the Huracan? What’s the top end for a Veyron? Why does seemingly every celebrity drive an AMG G63? And then, the most vexing and common question of all: What defines an exotic car as “exotic”? Let’s look at this last question closely.

What makes an Exotic Car an “Exotic”?

A quick overview of our showroom at Prestige Imports shows that there are many qualities that our models have in common. These go beyond the typical “they all have leather interiors” or “they all have high sticker prices.” Defining a car as “exotic” generally assumes certain things, yet none of them are set in stone.

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Many assume that an exotic car must be built in limited numbers. Others assume that it must possess upwards of 600 hp or more, the sort of thrilling muscle that puts your stomach firmly in your throat. Some buyers might assume that country of origin is vitally important, with many representatives of the so-called “exotic” class of autos coming from such locales as Italy and France. At once, the definition of “exotic” is all of these, and also none of these. Because it’s a trick question.

So here’s your answer: If you see a vehicle on the lot or in the showroom at Prestige Imports, then you can safely assume that it either falls under the “exotic” umbrella, or is in close relation to one that is. That’s truly the most honest and succinct answer you’ll find anywhere.

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At Prestige Imports, we have the luxury — pun fully intended — of choosing which models we think would best represent both our clients and our dealership. To that end, we select automakers and nameplates that are truly the best at what they do, both from a performance and design perspective. This approach better serves the drivers who count on us for insight and credible opinions, and allows us the opportunity to enhance the lifestyles and experiences of those who drive our cars.

When you’re ready to take the plunge into your next exotic car — or your first, as the case may be — there’s only one choice in the North Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale areas. Make a trip to Prestige Imports, and show every other driver in South Florida what “exotic” is really all about.

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