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What is the Fastest Production Ferrari Ever Made?

When visitors to our North Miami Beach dealership look over our Ferrari inventory, they are almost uniformly entranced by the otherworldly speed numbers that our Italian supercar can regularly reel off. Still, this got us wondering: what is the fastest production Ferrari ever made?

What is the Fastest Production Ferrari Ever Made?

The answer to the age-old question where we discover the fastest Ferrari in history — if we’re going to take Ferrari at its word — would be the Ferrari F12berlinetta, which holds the rare distinction of being both extremely powerful and high-performance, while also being incredibly efficient.

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What Engine does the Ferrari F12berlinetta Have?

Powered by a 6.3L V12 engine with a curb weight of over 3,500 pounds, the Ferrari F12berlinetta (last produced in 2016) allows its driver to choke back 731 thrilling horsepower. All told, its maximum speed checks in over 211 mph, enjoying a zero-to-sixty-two-mph sprint of of just 3.1 seconds. Additionally, what with its excellent downforce, it is unrelenting off the line and poised on curves.

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