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Five Signs of Transmission Trouble That You Can’t Ignore

At Prestige Imports, we’ve can pretty quickly identify the looks on our clients’ faces if there is something amiss with their vehicle. There might be a service-related issue, and these are things that we’re quickly able to diagnose and address. But what if your car is trying to tell you something? This is often the case with transmission problems, which rear their head in a variety of different ways. So how do you know if your transmission is acting up?

Five Signs of Transmission Trouble

It’s Loud During Shifting

For better or worse, cars often have a way of letting us know when something is wrong. This may come in the form of brakes squealing, a radiator steaming, or an engine knocking. The same is true of transmissions, which will let you know if they need your attention. They’ll do this by making noise when trying to shift, usually with squeals, grinds or whines. If this is the case, we’d love to see you at Prestige Imports.

Transmission Repair Miami FLIt Hesitates During Shifting

When a transmission is starting to fail, you might see lagging when trying to shift from park into drive or reverse. If you experience a delay when trying to shift, it’s generally a transmission issue that needs a look.

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It Leaks Fluid

Take a look at the fluid shown on this page. Notice how pink the color is? A telltale way to know if you’re leaking transmission fluid is that you’ll see this pinkish color on your driveway, and it’s a dead giveaway. This might be a leak from your transmission itself, or could be indicative of several accompanying issues. In any case, you’ll want to pay us a visit.

The Shifting is Less than Smooth

In a traditional automatic transmission, you’ll usually feel the shifts between gears. You’re supposed to, of course. However, it’s supposed to be relatively smooth, free of jerky motions or jarring knocks. If you experience any shaking or grinding during shifting, you’ll want our technicians at Prestige Imports to give it a look.

It Slips Between Gears

If you hit the gas and your car doesn’t immediately accelerate into the next available gear, this is obviously a repair issue. However, it also presents a problem from a safety standpoint, because it’s incredibly unsafe to be traveling in a car that can’t find its gear. If this is happening with your vehicle, a visit to our dealership is in order.

Do any of the problems we’ve identified above sound familiar to you? If so, we encourage you to visit our dealership today, serving the nearby locations of Fort Lauderdale and Coral Gables from our location in North Miami Beach, FL!

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