How to Vote in Florida

How to Vote in Miami, Florida

Believe it or not, boys and girls, this election thing is actually, mercifully going to happen. Yes, on November 8th, one of the most contentious elections in memory is going to come down to a vote, and it’s important that we all do our part in the democratic process, regardless of where we stand politically. But how do you vote in Florida? Fortunately, your friends here at Prestige Imports have found a helpful video that spells out exactly what you need to know!

How to Vote in Miami, Florida

Miami-Dade Voting Information

Now, we understand that something as broad as the video above might not answer every question you have. For that reason, we’ve also included information regarding polling places, dates and times, and much more that you’ll be happy to have on November 8th. Simply click on the link below, and come see us soon at Prestige Imports. Get out and vote, everyone!

Miami Dade Voting Information