Four Ways that Sun and Heat Damage Your Car

Ask anyone who lives in South Florida year-round how they’re doing, and the likely response will be somewhere along the lines of, “It’s the best day of my life.” The same goes for our staff and visitors at Prestige Imports: there’s very little to complain about, and there are no real drawbacks to living here.

From an automotive standpoint, however, there might be one: the heat can be hell on your car. So, since we’re not only in the business of selling beautiful cars, but also keeping them that way, let’s look at ways that sun and heat can damage your vehicle.

Four Ways that Sun and Heat Damage Your Car

The Paint

Generally speaking, the greater Miami area averages about 250 days of sunshine per year. While this is great for your tan and overall mood, the opposite is true for your car’s paint. In fact, the effect of direct heat on a car’s paint isn’t that different than the effect of too much sun on your skin. Apart from simply parking in shade, it’s also important to bathe, dry, polish and wax your car regularly; failure to do so might permanently damage your paint.

Tire Service North Miami Beach FLThe Tires

Checking tire pressure is vitally important, particularly on low-profile tires that are so common to cars found at Prestige Imports. The recipe for disaster on a tire that isn’t properly inflated is pretty simple: a hot car on hot pavement is just begging to blow out. Bring your car to our service department, and we’ll make sure that you’re rolling just as you should be.

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The Fluids

Where to even begin with this? Put simply, a hot engine needs all the lubrication and coolant it can get, since a lack of either of these vital functions will quite quickly lay waste to your supercar’s performance. Get your oil changed at regular intervals, and keep your coolant filled, particularly during the hottest of late summer days.

The Rubber Surfaces

While tires certainly bear the brunt of the pain as far as heat is concerned, the same is true of windshield wipers, rubberized trims, and various underhood belts and hoses. With every service appointment, it’s vital to have these surfaces checked, especially if your car tends to be in the heat for long periods of time.

As with anything regarding imports and exotics, we only advise because we’ve truly seen it all by this point, and nothing boils our blood like a beautiful car that doesn’t get the love it deserves. Contact our dealership today to schedule a service appointment, and we promise to detail and care for your vehicle like only Prestige Imports can.

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