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What Marshawn Lynch’s Velvet Ropes Say about the Lamborghini Aventador

When drivers visit our North Miami Beach exotic dealership with a Lamborghini Aventador on their minds, there’s generally very little that we need to offer in terms of verbal reinforcement. Put simply, a driver that shows up to ask about the iconic supercar, they’ve generally done their homework, and have likely driven by Prestige Imports on more than one occasion. That said, we’ll get to the zero-to-sixty time, the distinctive scissor doors and menacing style in just a moment. But first, we’d like to discuss the relationship that former NFL star Marshawn Lynch has with his Lamborghini Aventador, and his tangential relationship with velvet ropes.

Marshawn Lynch, His Lamborghini Aventador, and a Few Velvet Ropes

It was the summer of 2014, and then-Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was in Oakland to shoot a film of some sort. After pulling up in his Aventador LP 700-4 — a model that we certainly know well around these parts — an enterprising fan across the street watched as Lynch parked his vehicle, and soon produced two velvet ropes to provide the necessary cachet.

To a fan of Marshawn Lynch or the NFL, this wasn’t really a surprise. This is the same man who famously trolled opponents (and their fans) with Skittles, of all things. He regularly responded to questions about his engagement with media with, “I’m just about that action, boss.” Then, just last summer, he walked away from the game long before he’d stopped being effective. He’s an interesting cat, to be sure.

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What Sets the Aventador Apart?

But maybe his use of velvet ropes in a decidedly non-VIP setting speaks to what Aventador owners all innately understand. Perhaps the industry-best 6.5L V12, capable of a blistering 740 hp and sub-three-second zero-to-sixty sprint, lends drivers a deserved air of superiority.

Maybe its low-slung posture, immediately recognizable to anyone who’s ever dared to wonder what they’d drive if the world was their oyster, rewards individuals with a confidence that can only be reinforced with ornamental barriers.

Whatever it is that allows Aventador drivers to express themselves as Marshawn Lynch did in 2014, it’s certainly hard to pinpoint. That’s precisely why we provide South Florida’s finest lineup of new and used Lamborghini Aventador models, all right here at Prestige Motors and Lamborghini of Miami. We’ll provide the supercar; velvet ropes sold separately.