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Will We Ever See a Ferrari J50 in the USA?

Well, friends, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news? The good news is that the automobile you see on this page, made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan, is the Ferrari J50. And the bad news? Unfortunately, the bad news is that we’ll likely never see one stateside. But wait — we can explain.

Ferrari J50 Photos and Information

The Ferrari J50 is a two-seat, mid-rear-engine roadster that borrows liberally from the popular ‘70s and ‘80s Ferrari road cars, and is based on the current edition of the 488 Spider. It’s powered by a retuned, 681-horsepower version of the 3.9L V8 engine that recently won the overall International Engine of the Year Award, and — oh, yeah, we almost forgot — only ten such models are being made.

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Design of the Ferrari J50

As we mentioned above, however, it isn’t all bad news. First off, the Ferrari J50, while taking cues from the 488 Spider, also shows some signals of what we might expect from the next redesigns of Ferrari models. The two-piece carbon-fiber targa roof, new channel that wraps the front end and sides, and the distinctive new front end certainly look like they might be here to stay.

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So, we take the good with the bad in this regard. While we won’t get to drive the Ferrari J50 any time soon, we can hopefully expect to see some of its new design elements put into practice in upcoming Ferrari arrivals at Prestige Imports. Feel free to click the link above to read more about Ferrari, or click on the button below to check out our current Ferrari inventory!

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