Bugatti La Vie en Bleu

Understanding Bugatti and “La Vie en Bleu”

When discussing the Bugatti lineup at Prestige Imports, a question that will commonly come up regards the “La Vie en Bleu” idea, and how that applies to Bugatti history and culture in general. It refers to French Racing Blue, which is a color that is inextricably linked to Bugatti. So what exactly is the “La Vie en Bleu” notion, and what does it mean for Bugatti Enthusiasts?

Bugatti French Racing Blue and “La Vie en Bleu”

Bugatti for Sale Miami FLWhat is the Origin of French Racing Blue?

Prior to 1904, all race cars were traditionally painted black and featured an alphanumeric signifier, with a single number and single letter to identify the driver. However, after racing gained in popularity, it became more difficult for mechanics to differentiate between all the black vehicles. So, when the British Grand Prix was moved to Ireland in 1903 and cars were painted green in honor of the Emerald Isle, it was decided that a change needed to be made. Countries picked their own color, and France opted for blue.

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Is there an actual “Bugatti Blue”?

While the color blue is generally associated with French sports cars, Bugatti’s hues have tended to be slightly lighter in color — almost like the blue that is associated with Twitter. While Bugatti models have come in all shades of blue, there is a legend that Ettore Bugatti’s wife enjoyed cigarettes that featured light blue packaging, and insisted that new Bugatti models be painted to match her cigarettes.

While Bugatti models certainly come in all colors in the spectrum, it’s nice to know why it is that Blue — and “La Vie en Bleu” in particular — are so part and parcel to understanding the history and culture of the Bugatti brand. We love sharing these sorts of tidbits with you, and encourage you to come to Prestige Imports today to learn more about or test drive one of the world’s finest supercar producers.

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