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Four Interesting Facts about Porsche

When we think if imported luxury sports cars, which models come to mind? Do to their popularity and social cachet, it often seems like the Porsche nameplate, and the 911 in particular, spring into our consciousness. Yet, there’s much that many among us don’t know about the Porsche brand. Here are four interesting facts about Porsche that you might not know; enjoy the knowledge, and then come test drive one of these legendary models for yourself at Prestige Imports!

Porsche for Sale Fort Lauderdale FLFour Interesting Facts about Porsche

The Brand Had a Slow Start

While the brand was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931, it took the better part of a decade to actually get Porsche off the ground. In the meantime, his company consulted with other German automakers. In fact, Mr. Porsche actually is credited with the initial design for the Volkswagen Beetle, and designed tanks during WWII.

Which Porsche is the Most Popular?

It probably comes as little surprise that the Porsche 911, now in production for over fifty years, is the most popular Porsche model of all time. Six generations of the model have been introduced in total, with the 1998 edition being the first to move from air-cooled engines to the current water-cooled design.

Where Does the Porsche Logo Come From?

The logo of Porsche, with a bucking horse set against a coat of arms, is possibly as recognizable as the vehicles themselves. But what does it mean? Both portions of the logo reference Stuttgart, Germany, home of Porsche. The coat of arms recalls the city’s tenure as capital of the Free People’s State of Wurttemberg, while the horse harkens to its history as the site of a large stud farm.

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Whither the 901?

As we mentioned, the 911 might be one of the most popular Porsche models. Other notable additions members of the Porsche family include the 944, 918 Spyder, and the 993. But from the outset, the 911 was known as the “901.” So why the name change? French automaker Peugeot claimed exclusive rights to models with three numbers and a zero in the middle, leading Porsche to make a change.

Are there any interesting facts that you find particularly memorable? If so, feel free to leave it in the comments below, and come see us soon to test drive a Porsche at Prestige Imports!