Holiday Party Planning Tips

5 Surefire Tips to Help Plan a Holiday Party

At Prestige Imports, we’re known for our ability to provide a welcoming atmosphere to drivers of all walks of life. This makes us particularly skilled at throwing parties, and during the holiday season, this is a valuable skill to have. So, with just a week until the day itself, we’re going to provide you with five surefire tips to help plan your holiday party!

Five Surefire Tips to Help Plan a Holiday Party

1) Set the Logistics

Parties can take all forms, and no two are identical. That’s why you need to make concrete decisions regarding what you’d like to see from your own. How many people do you plan to invite? Are you providing all food and drinks? Is there a set beginning and end time? Is there a gift exchange? Are children allowed? All of these questions and more need to be answered ahead of time.

2) Make the Party’s Essential Elements Known to your Guests

If you’re having a relatively subdued party, the person who shows up dressed as a Christmas tree is going to feel like a schmuck. Conversely, if you’re planning an up-til-dawn throwdown, the person who brings their kids will probably disappear before the first cork pops. When sending invites, make any themes, expectations or important details known.Prestige Imports Blog

3) Delegate Whenever Possible

Have you ever been to a party where it was apparent that one person did all the work? And if so, did it seem like this person was having a good time? Not likely. If you’d like to have a good time at your own party — which, we’re guessing, you would — it’s crucial that you get help with certain facets. Put people in charge of taking coats, picking the music, cleaning up plates and glasses, and coordinating any games or gift exchanges that might be taking place.

4) Put Out Nametags

We’re being serious here. In all likelihood, not everyone at your soiree will know each other. While this certainly isn’t a problem, it might make for awkward interactions that could easily be avoided. Some people might think, “That’s tacky.” But believe us, those same jamokes will be pretty happy that they didn’t make the mistake of calling Jim from accounting “John” all night.

5) Set a Rough Schedule

A Christmas party generally can be broken down into disparate parts: the early cocktail hour, the portion where food is served, the gift exchange, and then the later hours when games are played and/or dancing occurs. While a strict docket is unnecessary and foolish, a rough idea of when you’d like certain events to kick off is wise.

Are there any tips that we’ve forgotten, or things that you’ve tried in the past that seem to work for your party? If so, leave it in the comments below and come see us soon at Prestige Imports!