2020 Lotus Evora GT Exterior Driver Side Front Angle

2020 Lotus Evora GT Design & Mechanics

Last week, shortly after Lotus unveiled their newest model, the next-generation Evora officially called the 2020 Lotus Evora GT, we gave you a quick overview. Really, we went through some of the most important specs & features, such as power, speed, fuel economy and what type of engine is powering it, that sort of thing. Today, we figured we’d dive into more of the specifics where the exotic car’s design & mechanics are concerned.

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Features of the Design

2020 Lotus Evora GT Interior Cabin ShifterThe Evora GT will actually be available in two different configurations, a regular 2-seat setup and a 2+2 design to fit more passengers. The new Evora utilizes standard lightweight carbon fiber components, both enhancing the exotic car’s sleek exterior and enhancing its aerodynamics. The rear bumper, curved A-panels, rear-wheel ducts and sill covers are all crafted out of carbon fiber, and you can opt for an additional Carbon Pack to change the front access panel, roof panel, tailgate, integrated spoiler and diffuser surround all to carbon fiber materials.

The aerodynamic downforce required by all Lotus vehicles is brought about in the new Evora by a more efficient airflow management system. Beneath the composite mesh grille is a front lip, air louvers are placed in the front wheel arches and carbon fiber ducts have been sculpted behind each rear wheel, all of which contributes to the downforce requirement.

Performance & Power Mechanics

All of those downforce design elements lead to 64 kg of downforce, twice what the previous iteration, the Evora 400, offered. The Evora GT’s lightweight materials lead to a fairly lightweight vehicle overall, shaving 71 pounds off the previous generation to a curb weight of 3,104 lbs. Adding the Carbon Pack reduces this weight by a further 49 pounds.

Of course, we’ve still only begun to scratch the surface of everything the all-new 2020 Lotus Evora GT will have to offer. Be sure to check back on our blog often for further updates!