All-new Lotus Eletre exterior side looks

Top 3 Reasons to Own the Latest Lotus Eletre

Why Should I Buy the Lotus Eletre?  

Best known for making low-volume, lightweight, high-performance sports cars, Lotus is diverging from its marketing strategy with a new model, the Eletre, which is completely different from any of the Lotus that came before it. The Lotus Eletre is an all-electric Hyper-SUV- the first of a new lineup of pure electric SUVs. This vehicle has taken the automaker’s expertise in excellent ride handling and aerodynamics to the next level. Are you excited to know more about the Lotus Eletre? Continue reading this blog by Prestige Imports in Miami, FL, and learn about the three key features of the Lotus Eletre.  

All-new Lotus Eletre exterior front look
All-new Lotus Eletre rear view

All-Electric Vehicle  

The Lotus Eletre, an all-electric Hyper-SUV, is a globally relevant product that boosts sustainable mobility. This all-electric Hyper-SUV does not run-on gas; therefore, it is environmentally friendly. It has a battery capacity of over 100kWh, which makes 600 hp.   

High-Performing Vehicle  

Lotus specializes in manufacturing vehicles with superior performance capability, and the Eletre is not different. Experience the excellency of Lotus with structural rigidity and active dynamics combined with a perfect blend of high power and torque, which comes together and provides the kind of performance you have imagined. The Eletre has the potential to make ordinary driving extra with powerful electric motors and a low center of gravity.  

Advanced Intelligence  

Lotus Eletre gets the first ever deployable LiDAR system and advanced autonomous driving capabilities, making it the most technically advanced Lotus. This is the first SUV that has 8000V architecture, which provides excellent range and charging options, which means you will spend less time plugging in and more time driving. The deployable sensors are hidden when not in use, ensuring that the vehicle’s design shines through and is not interrupted.   

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