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3 Things to Know About the Latest Lotus Emira

3 Useful Facts About Lotus Emira 

Gearheads should know these three facts about the fast and stunning Lotus Emira. The car can handle high speeds easily, thanks to its impressive aerodynamics. Nowadays, such driver-focused sports cars have become a rare breed. The Lotus Emira is one such fun sports car and a hidden gem in the automotive world. This blog will help you understand why the Emira is special. 

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3 Interesting Facts on Lotus Emira 

Lotus Emira still features a manual transmission 

Lotus Emira comes with a manual 6-speed stickshift. The brand has made this conscious decision keeping in mind its fans. This rekindles the old-school driving experience which attracts sportscar lovers. It is much easier for drivers to use the manual gear shift while driving at high speeds or while cutting sharp corners.  

Lotus designs its own tires for the Emira 

Lotus has gone above and beyond with its Emira design. They have not used popular tire brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, and others.   

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Lotus Emira is exceptionally lightweight for a sportscar 

With a curb weight of around 3,500 lbs., the Lotus Emira is extremely lightweight compared to the other cars in its segment. This helps drivers easily maneuver the car at very high speeds.  

2022 Lotus Emira side view image

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