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Why Does Ferrari Not Make Cars in Pink?

Are there Paint Colors that Ferrari won’t Use?

Here’s an interesting tidbit that came over our desk the other day, and that we just had to share with the Prestige Imports faithful. As a leading purveyor of Ferrari models in North Miami Beach, our connection to the legendary Italian supercar is without compare. Buyers can find Ferraris in a multitude of colors, including the famed rosso corsa, yellow, black and blue. But not pink. Never, ever, ever pink.

Why You Can’t Get a Ferrari in Pink

Why Ferrari will not make pinkAccording the Ferrari Australasia CEO Herbert Appleroth, the answer is really quite simple. “It just doesn’t fit into our whole ethos, to be honest,” he explains. “It’s a brand rule: no pink. No Pokemon Ferraris.”

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Succinct, to the point, and certainly something that we can support at Prestige Imports. A buyer can certainly opt to paint their own Ferrari pink if they so desire — whether or not they should is another argument altogether, of course — but there are also a number of other ways that a buyer can personalize his or her Ferrari.

“Enzo Ferrari used to say a different Ferrari for every Ferrari-ista,” Appleroth continues, “as globally we don’t want two cars to be the same. There are many different levels of personalization, from sitting in the dealership and working through all of your options, to the tailor-made program where you fly to Italy to the factory in Maranello and sit in the atelier and work out your specifications.”

So there you have it, ladies and gents. You can get pretty much whatever you’d like on your next Ferrari. Just as long as the pink is in no way involved.

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