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Why are supercar tires so thin?

Supercars and Low-Profile Tires: Why They’re Wide and Thin

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Why are supercar car tires so wide and thin? There’s actually a very good reason for it. Take a look.

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Supercars and Low-Profile Tires

By lowering the height of a tire and adding to its width, low-profile tires add huge performance boosts to any vehicle. In particular, low-profile tires improve overall handling, cornering, steering response at high speeds, and traction. All-in-all, low-profile tires are the only option for a supercar if you want to use the performance you paid for. With a bigger tire, a lot of the power a supercar produces wouldn’t be transferred to the pavement as well. They’re so good, in fact, that their use has spread from supercars to modern sports cars, muscle cars, luxury vehicles, and even some sporty trims on everyday consumer vehicles.

…What’s the Catch?

There are two problems when it comes to low-profile tires. The first, and least applicable, is cost. Low-profile tires can be expensive. But if you’re considering buying a supercar, that’s not really a problem. No, the real issue lies in ride quality. Since low-profile tires cut their height in favor of width, you lose all of the cushion that a normal tire provides. Even with adaptive suspension dampers, riding on rough roads in a performance vehicle with low-profile tires can be incredibly uncomfortable.

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