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What does carbon fiber in a car actually do?

Carbon Fiber: What It Does and Why You Should Want It in Your Car

Why it comes to exotic cars, carbon fiber is king. You see it everywhere nowadays: on interior panels, on body kits, and so much more. And that’s for a very good reason. But what is that reason? Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, will explain.

What does carbon fiber in a vehicle do? Let us show you.

Two Big Pros of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is lightweight and has fantastic structural integrity. That may sound generically good to most readers, but we’re going break down both reasons and show you the science behind it.

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Horsepower and Weight

When it comes to vehicles of any kind, horsepower and torque are enshrined as the be-all-and-end-all of performance. Let us give you a hypothetical situation: would you prefer a car that produces 1,000 horsepower but weighs 10,000 lbs or a vehicle that produces 800 horsepower and weighs 5,000 lbs. While these numbers aren’t representative of any actual models on the market, they illustrate an important point. Higher horsepower doesn’t always mean better. Higher power-to-weight ratios do. Which is why using carbon fiber to reduce weight is such a great idea.

Rigid, but Flexible

As a composite material, carbon fiber is structurally rigid, like steel and aluminum. However, it is more flexible than steel and aluminum, making it easy to mold and, importantly, has multiple safety benefits during a crash, if properly employed.

Supercar vs Hyper Car

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