Where to Watch the Super Bowl North Miami Beach FL

Where to Watch the Super Bowl in North Miami Beach

Well, it’s settled. The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have won the AFC and NFC, respectively, and they’ll battle it out for the whole shebang in Houston in just under two weeks. But where, oh where, will you watch the game? Fortunately for you, Prestige Imports has you covered. Here is a small list of the best places to watch the Super Bowl in North Miami Beach; tell them we sent you.

Where to Watch the Super Bowl in North Miami Beach, FL

Duffy’s Sports Grill

Although Duffy’s is a chain, it’s also a pretty dang good one. The food is great, the atmosphere rocks, and it’s large enough for you to bring a solid-sized crowd.

Miller’s Ale House

Yes, this is a chain as well. Yet, once you try their famous chicken tenders (called “Zingers”), you won’t care. They also have 75 beers on tap, so drink up.

Styx Sports Bar and Grill

While we don’t know how they secured this name without angering Dennis DeYoung (Oh-hoh!), we do know that it’s fun to shoot pool if you don’t care who wins the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Events North Miami Beach FL

Sandbar Lounge

Maybe you’d rather be closer to the water, and would like to get some sand between your toes. If that’s the case, Sandbar Lounge is most definitely the place.

Shuckers Bar and Grill

If you liked what we said about Sandbar but would prefer something a little more upscale, turn to Shuckers. The view from the bar is second to none, believe us.


And now for the best of the bunch. The Fort Lauderdale location offers an unmatched gameday experience, and you can just pull the boat up. What a time to be alive.