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What are the Performance Features of the Lotus Emira First Edition?

Lotus Emira First Edition’s Performance Upgrades and Specs 

Lotus’s 4-cylinder two-seater superfast sportscar is here, and it looks terrific! The newest Lotus Emira First Edition has a spectrum of desirable infotainment, technology, comfort features, and unique badging. With its sleek exterior design, stylish body frame, impressive aerodynamics, and more, the Lotus Emira First Edition is sure to attract a lot of attention as you drive down the road.  

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The First Edition of the latest Lotus Emira is impressive on many levels. Read ahead to learn more about the performance delivered by this luxury supercar.  

Performance Delivered by the Lotus Emira First Edition 

Powered by a bespoke version of AMG’s M139 direct injection engine, the Lotus Emira First Edition is officially the world’s most powerful 4-cylinder engine. The engine is modified to fit the power and performance preferences of the Lotus Emira, which is reflected in its hardware changes and mount location.  

New Lotus Emira First Edition front view image

Lotus Emira First Edition

Lotus has used cutting-edge technology to enable Emira to offer high-end performance. Its twin-scroll turbocharger with roller bearings is optimized for speed and minimum lag. The car’s exhaust is designed by Lotus and is unique to the Emira.

The car offers a maximum engine power of 400 hp and clocks 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. It delivers a top speed of 180 mph, which is extremely fast! 

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