The Best Places to get a Cubano sandwich in Miami Beach

The Best Places to get a Cubano sandwich in Miami

Whether you’ve lived in Miami all your life, or are just visiting our wonderful city, you surely know that nothing says Miami quite like a good Cubano sandwich. This classic twist on ham and cheese has become a must-have throughout the years, and has become synonymous with our city.

What is the perfect pairing for your Cubano sandwich you ask? A new vehicle from Prestige Imports, of course! Our wide selection of luxury vehicles will make you feel just as eye-catching and iconic as the great Cubano sandwiches that our community has come to love and perfect. No matter what your luxury taste may be, we’ve got the perfect vehicle waiting here for you. We even have a selection of VanDutch luxury boats for those looking for more of a premium maritime experience. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best places to grab a Cubano sandwich here in Miami.

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Enriqueta’s has become known as one of the best Cuban restaurants in all of Miami. Open early for breakfast, lunch, and an early dinner, Enriqueta’s has all the charm of a classic and simple restaurant, complete with a take-out window. If you’re coming to Enriqueta’s in a group, the plastic seats and tabletops fill the dining room with plenty of places to enjoy a meal. If you’re getting a quick bite by yourself, grabbing a stool at the counter while you wait is another great option. Enriqueta’s also has a reputation as being extremely affordable, and all of their authentic Cuban dishes are every bit as good as the Cubano.


Doce Provisions

Located in the heart of Little Havana, Doce Provisions features exquisite foods that are made with locally-sourced ingredients to provide a Miami-inspired menu that is sure to please even the most picky palettes. As well as having amazing food dishes including an out-of-this-world Cubano, Doce Provisions features a selection of craft beer, a list of different wine, and live music. If you haven’t been to Doce Provisions yet, cancel your Friday night plans and check it out!

The Best Places to get a Cubano sandwich in Miami Tourists


The Best Places to get a Cubano sandwich in Miami Cubano

Las Olas

Part of the OGroup which is a group of latin-styled cafeterias that use hand-made food with fresh ingredients every day, Las Olas Cafe provides a relaxed atmosphere that is able to provide delicious food no matter if you can only spare 20 minutes, or an hour on your lunch break. In addition to serving up mouth-watering Cubano sandwiches, Las Olas Cafe has an assortment of freshly-squeezed juices and an all-day breakfast menu with favorites such as omelettes, bacon, and pancakes.

No matter where you decide to eat in Miami, you are sure to find an incredible selection of delicious food. Our diverse selection of restaurants ensures that you will always find the perfect dish to satisfy your cravings whether you want pizza, or an iconic Cubano. Be sure to check out the rest of our Local Events blog to see more great things going on in the Miami area including a piece about the best food trucks in Miami Beach. If you have an idea for our next local blog, let us know in the comment section and maybe we’ll write about it next!

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