Self-Driving Features on the Tesla Model X Side Profile

Self-Driving Features on the Tesla Model X

Here at Prestige Imports in beautiful Miami, we’re just as conscious of the ever-changing environment as you are. We’re committed to preserving our planet so that our future generations can enjoy the same wonderful world that we grew up in. That’s why we’re proud to feature the all-electric Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X has an astounding 295-mile range on a full charge, and is able to charge fully charge in less than an hour and a half when using the 120 kW Supercharger. The Model X doesn’t just charge fast, it allows you to go from 0 to 60 in as fast as 2.9 seconds! This powerful and efficient battery, along with all-wheel drive and the ability to seat seven adults, makes the Tesla Model X one of the fastest and most capable sport utility vehicles in history.

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Self-Driving Hardware

Featured on all Tesla vehicles is Full Self-Driving Hardware. This hardware makes Tesla vehicles capable of sustaining a level of safety that is substantially better than with human drivers. Around the Tesla Model X, eight surround cameras provide a 360-degree view of up to 250 meters away. The twelve ultrasonic sensors that help detect hard and soft objects have been updated to allow for recognition of objects up to twice as far away as the old sensors. The Model X features a forward-facing radar that uses enhanced processing to provide additional data about the world and is able to see through rain, fog, dust, and even other vehicles. To make sense of all of this incoming data, a new onboard computer that possesses over 40 times the computing power of previous Tesla computers is able to swiftly understand all the information coming in, and can react accordingly to any sudden incidents.

Enhanced Autopilot

The enhanced autopilot on the Tesla Model X allows the vehicle to automatically match its speed to traffic conditions, and can even switch lanes without any input from the driver. When you’re on the freeway, your Tesla Model X is able to determine which lane you need to be in and when you need to be in it in order to take your exit. The autopilot system on the Model X will also watch for opportunities to move into faster lanes when you get caught behind slower traffic allowing you to get to your destination faster than ever. When you reach your exit, your Tesla Model X will leave the freeway, slow down, and will transition the control of the vehicle back to you.

Self-Driving Features on the Tesla Model X Falcon Wings
Self-Driving Features on the Tesla Model X Storage

Smart Summon

With the smart summon feature, your Tesla Model X will be able to navigate complex environments to move around objects on its way to pick you up. Why try to find your car in a busy parking lot when your car can come find you? The Tesla Model X also features Autosteer+ which uses the cameras, sensors and computing power to navigate tighter and more complex road dimensions. When you reach your destination, simply step out of your Model X and the vehicle will go into park seek mode. While in park seek mode, the Tesla Model X will automatically search for a parking spot all by itself. When you’re ready to leave, simply press a button on your phone and your Model X will come back to you.

With these amazing features and an all-electric engine, it’s easy to see why Tesla is shaping the future of the automotive industry. With ore and more automakers fine-tuning their vehicles in order to create an autopilot feature such as the one featured on all Tesla models, but Tesla remains ahead of the pack. If you’re interested in learning more about the Tesla Model X, or any of the other amazing vehicles we have here at Prestige Imports, we encourage you to get in contact with us so we can answer all of your questions. If you know that you want to test drive any of our vehicles, you can now conveniently schedule a test drive right from our website. You pick the time and day, and we’ll have the keys all set when you get here!
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