Is Spotify available as an app in any vehicles?

Is Spotify available as an app in any vehicles?

As the display audio systems built into new vehicles become more and more advanced, more at-launch applications and programs are being offered as standard. For instance, many vehicles with a display audio screen come with Pandora built right into the interface. But what about Spotify? Spotify has risen as another popular streaming radio service, giving listeners a bit more freedom than Pandora, and many drivers are curious if there are any vehicles out there available with the app built in. There is at least one brand that we know this is available in now, and that’s Jaguar.

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“Spotify has more than 100 million subscribers, a portion of whom drive Jaguars, so we recognized that Spotify was at the top of our customers’ apps wish list. The Spotify design team worked closely with us to create the best in-vehicle experience.”

– Peter Virk, Director of Connected Technologies and Apps, Jaguar Land Rover

Spotify in Jaguar

Spotify Logo_oSpotify and Jaguar Land Rover collaborated for more than a year, setting out to design an easy-to-use yet fully-immersive experience for Jaguar vehicles. Users already familiar with Spotify and how it works will feel right at home, as it mimics the original app quite closely. Users will be able to swipe their display audio screen horizontally just like their smartphone, scrolling through menus filled with artwork tiles, making it easier and less distracting to use on the road.

The in-vehicle app will also utilize the deep learning technology, making note of listening habits to deliver specialized playlists tailored to your tastes. There will also be an Offline Mode that will pre-load some content so that drivers who enter areas with a lesser signal won’t suffer as a consequence.

This technology only started being implemented in 2017 model year Jaguar models, so it might not be available in the vehicles we have here at Prestige for a year. But feel free to give us a call and ask, and we’ll see what we can find!