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It’s impossible to describe British automotive history, or auto history in general, without invoking the name of Jaguar. With more than eighty years of history in its various iterations, the Jaguar nameplate is virtually inescapable. Whether it’s the notable appearances in James Bond films or the longheld affiliation with the British Royal Family, the Jaguar has certainly made its presence known.

Of course, the modern culture of Jaguar has evolved, and this is borne out in the current models offered from the automaker. From the full-size luxury Jaguar XJ sedan, to the midsize executive Jaguar XF, to the sporty sophistication of the Jaguar F-Type convertible, it’s certainly a brand new day for the manufacturer. In each and every case, buyers are treated to the handcrafted design and visceral performance that they’ve come to expect from Jaguar. 

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From the legendary emblem to the unmistakable air of sophistication, Jaguar continues to be a worldwide leader in poised, upscale performance well into its ninth decade of production.


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As typified by the Jaguar F-Type and its Jaguar XJ sibling, Jaguar models have taken a sportier approach as we enter the new era for the automaker. For all lifestyles, there is a Jaguar that fits it.


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Jaguar has recently introduced its lineup of Roots-type twin-vortex superchargers, which are mounted to the “V” of the engine to help preserve compact dimensions while delivering all-world performance.

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