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What are the Lamborghini Youngster Programs?

Lamborghini builds some of the hottest, most exotic, and most powerful production vehicles on the road, but they’re also heavily involved in the racing world. Plenty of Lamborghini models have been utilized in professional racing, and even race car drivers have to start somewhere. Much like little league for baseball, or pop warner for football, the Lamborghini racing team has the Lamborghini Youngster Programs, a team of young racers practicing and showing their stuff to perhaps one day make it onto the real team.

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Dennis Lind Stands Out

This year, the programs closed out their season with a final exam of sorts they’ve dubbed a shoot-out. During this test, European & World Champion of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2016 Dennis Lind, also a GT3 Junior Driver of Lamborghini, stood out amongst the competition. At 24 years old, Lind has a bright future ahead of him in the racing world, and his performance in this shoot-out certainly went to prove that.

As a reward for his incredible performance, Lamborghini will support him economically to compete internationally for a GT Championship during 2018, behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan GT3.

Other Stands Outs

Plenty of others stood out during the final exam, but none quite shone quite as brightly as 18-year-old Jonathan Cecotto. As a reward for his “high score,” if you will, he will get to test out a Huracan GT3 of his own.

We’re happy to see future Lamborghini drivers getting so much practice and succeeding!